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GPS No.5


GPS Champions

Dave Dunham - CMS Dick Fedion - NoSS

1991-92 GPS #1
Dave Dunham - CMS

1994-95 GPS #2
Dick Fedion - NoSS

Jim Garcia - CMS Wendy Burbank -Gils 

1997-98 GPS #3
Jim Garcia - CMS

2000-01 GPS #4
Wendy Burbank -Gils 

Hockomock Swamp Rat
Grand Pr*cks Series
GPS No. 5: "The Tom Hurley Terminator Series will 
commence July 2003... at the Lowell East End Club."  
1990-91 GPS No. 1 Top Finishers
1994-95 GPS No. 2 Top Finishers
1997-98 GPS No. 3 Top Finishers
2000-01 GPS No. 4 Top Finishers
HSR GPS No. 1 thru 4 Scoring Totals
GPS No. 2: Perfect Attendance 1994-95
GPS No. 3: Perfect Attendance 1997-98
GPS No. 4: Perfect Attendance 2000-01
GPS No. 4: Winter 2001
GPS No. 4: Spring 2001
GPS No. 4: Finale & Banquet
GPS No. 4: Toughest Racer in N.E.
GPS No. 1-5 Philosophical Advisor
  • The Hockomock Swamp Rat Grand Pr*cks Racing Series occurs every three years and is open to ONLY subscribers of the HSR.
  • The 20 basic races of the GPS are both classy and difficult and serve well to determine New England's toughest runner.
  • GPS No. 4 concluded in Montpelier VT, on June 23rd, 2001, with the presentation of the Official HSR Deerfoot Memorial Award to Wendy Burbank of Boxford, MA.
  • In 1998, Jim Garcia of Westford, Massachusetts and the Central Massachusetts Striders, took home the GPS No. 3 Grand Prize, The Tarzan Brown Award.
  • In 1995, Dick Fedion of North Conway, New Hampshire and the White Mountain Milers, received the GPS No. 2 Grand Prize, The Woolley Morris Award.
  • And in 1992, Dave Dunham of Bradford, Massachusetts and the Central Mass Striders, won the Grand Prize from the original Grand Pr*cks Series, The Clarence DeMar Award.  
  • The Hockomock Running Forum message board is available for all GPS runners, and is a great way for Rats to stay in touch while awaiting GPS No. 5 - The Tom Hurley Terminator Series (July 2003).

HSR GPS Champion Photos by Peter Wallan.

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