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Home of the Hockomock Swamp Rat Summer Road Race Series, Special Features, and the HSR GPS!


Boss Rat Profile 

Stonehill College Cross Country Photos.

 2002 Team Rat Infested Stats & Photos. Oliver Ames HS Cross Country Photos.Boss Rat Profile Stonehill X-C Photos Rat Infested Stats & Photos OAHS X-Country Photos
HSR Summer Road Race  Thank You & See You in 2003!!
  �The HSR Summer Road Race Series is the oldest, continuous weekly racing program in New England.
�The 3.75-Mile race takes place at D.W. Field Park (off of Oak Street), in Brockton, Massachusetts, and is open to all comers.
�The 2003 HSR Summer Series will be held every Wednesday night in the months of May, June, July & August.
�The races will start promptly at 6:45 PM at the top of Tower Hill. Registration is at the Pentangle parking lot and the donation is $1.00 per week.
�The 2002 Series saw over 260 different runners participate, averaging more than 70 runners per week, over the 17 week program.
�For additional information on the Hockomock Swamp Rat Summer Series, please contact Jim DuPont or Frank Nelson.

Summer Series News and Notes

 Hockomock Swamp Rat Summer Series 2002 Weekly Results 

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Week # 8 - June 19, 2002
: Rusty Snow of Randolph, Massachusetts completed the 3.75-Mile race in 18:05, to win the weekly Hockomock Swamp Rat Summer Series. His effort was the second fastest time ever at the D.W. Field Park course, just behind the record time of 17:35, set by Jay Legere in 1982. Congratulations Rusty!!

Week # 10: July 10, 2002: Special thanks to the finish line crew -- Ali Abbas, Al Donaghy, Ed Dowling, Ellen Litt, Gary Nye & Cal Goodwin -- for an outstanding job of handling 97 runners. And thanks to all the runners for being so patient!

Recent Summer Series postings include the 2002 Weekly Results posted to coolrunning (see above), 
the 2002 Yearly Results, the 2002 Hot Rats, the 2002 Fastest Times and the Avon Police Appreciation Award.

 HSR Grand Pr*cks Series No. 5: Coming July 2003!   For information concerning the HSR GPS, please visit the new HSR Grand Pr*cks Series Home Page. Please direct any comments, questions, or suggestions concerning GPS No. 5 to Peter "The Rat" Wallan at . For a deeper understanding of the GPS, the HSR Journal, or Road Racing in general, please seek the guidance of the Official HSR - GPS Philosophical Advisor.


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