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Name: PETER WALLAN Running Club: Unattached
Hometown: Sharon, MA Height: 5' 10"; Weight: 158 lbs
Age: 60 (on Nov. 5, 2002) Running Shoe: Nike


Peter Wallan - Foxtrotter Marathon Peter Wallan - Brockton Strider
Peter Wallan - Foxtrotter Marathon
November 21, 1981
Peter Wallan - Brockton Strider


Running Data Favorite Road Races
Years Running: 29 1. Montpelier, VT 10M
Marathons: 25 (including 5 @ Boston) 2. Bourne, MA 4.9
Total Races: 1,060 3. HSR Summer Serious 3.75M
Miles Per Week: 30 4. Clarence DeMar 26.2, Keene NH
Most MPW Ever: 113 5. Old Town, ME 14 (long dead)


Personal Records: Road Personal Records: Track
5K - 17:32 (DW Field Winter Series - '78) "Track is boring - No Hills"
3.75M HSR Series - 21:12 (1979) Mile - 5:19 
5M - 28:30 (Randolph Father's Day - '78) Geo. Conefrey Summer Track Series 
10K - 35:30 (Carver Miles Standish -'78) Brockton - 1979
10M - 59:30 (Hampton, NH)
20K - 1:16:00 (Marshfield, MA -'76)
13.1M - 1:19:40 (New Bedford, MA - '78)
25K - 1:36:57 (Ashland, MA - '77)
30K - 2:04:26 (Schnctdy to Albany - '75)
Marathon - 2:50:10 (Boston - 1978)

Peter Wallan: Brockton, MA - 2002 Peter Wallan: Canton, MA - 2001 Peter Wallan: Brockton, MA - 2001 Peter Wallan: Lincoln, RI - 2001
Brockton, MA - '02 Canton, MA - '01 Brockton, MA - '01 Lincoln, RI - '01


Racing Data
Worst Race(s): "Clarence DeMar 26.2, about 6-7 years ago. Went in favoring an injury sustained in Brockton YMCA 15K. The injury was fine, but after 16M of altering my running style to compensate, all the other muscles in my body were ruined. DNF - 16. A nice old NH lady gave me a ride back to the start. 'You look tired,' she said. 'Yup,' I said." Most Influential Runners: "My old HS football coach 'Tuck' Twomey. A 3:15 marathoner at age 60. Not a runner's body, but never loafed a race in his life (like most runners do today). Took up running at 50 after 2 heart-attacks, lived to be 83 and always a charming eye for athletically adept women. Told awful jokes (always farbling the punch line), but a great guy to train with."
Best Race(s): "Old Town, ME 14M in 1978. A month after a 2:50 Boston, 14 hilly miles in a 6:05 pace. Beat the great Indian runner Ralph Thomas. He was running hurt but still racing hard. Had spaghetti post-race meal seated across from him. Finished 14 out of 200, then drove 5 hours home in my awful Volvo - The worst and most unreliable piece of junk I ever owned!!!" Most Proud of the Fact: "I have never run a race as a workout. Never. It may look like it sometimes, but I am really going as fast as I bleeping can."



Peter "The Rat" Wallan - 1943

TV Show: Cheers Reruns
Food: Potato Pancakes with sour cream
Ice Cream: Coffee
Runner: Steve Prefontaine / Clarence DeMar
Historical Figures: Eugene Debs / Gandhi
Singer (Male): Bob Dylan
Singer (Female): Emmy Lou Harris
Vacation Spot: Tabernash, Colorado
Actor: Paul Newman
Actress: Skinny Gwynnie Paltrow / Meryl Streep
Hard Drink: Yukon Jack
Soft Drink: Moxie
Beer: Rolling Rock
Pro Jock: Jimmy Brown (retired)
Pro Sports Team: NE Revolution / Pats
Author: Peter Buhl
Local Running Personality: Tom Hurley
<<  Peter "The Rat" Wallan - 1943

Why I Run:

"20 years working as an engineer in Boston so shriveled my brain that I could think of nothing better to do with my free time. It was either running as a hobby, robbing convenience stores, or collecting old bubble gum wrappers. I chose running."

[Peter Wallan profile created & posted Fall 2002.]

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